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Water Cooled Single Cylinder Genset Air Cooled Single Cylinder Genset
Water Cooled Double Cylinder Genset Air Cooled Double Cylinder Genset
Genset Details

The result of years of research and development and strict quality control has made it possible to offer you the most realiable equipment imparting maximum efficienty and longer satisfactory service.

Generating sets are constructed from high quality components selected and assembeld to minimise the cost of production.

The diesel generating sets are proven for ideal performance to suit the local environment. They are based on the latest technology, strict quality control and supervision.

A.C. Generator consists of the rotating armature assembly fixed, pressed and rivetted poles made of laminated steel sheets are used.

A solid state automatic voltage regulator mounted on alternator forms an intergral part of the alternator. Standard voltage regulation for balance load.
- With 5% of normal -at no load to full load.
- Cold to hot variations.
- between 0.8 P.F. lagging to unity.
- close regulation can be obtained.

Stators frames of alternators are wound of mild steel plate alloing ample room for cooling both A.C. and D.C. windings are of super Enamelled copper wire of high conductivity.

The rotor is supported on to ball/ roller bearings dynamically balanced for viberation free running. The slip rings are made of special wear resistant alloy. The power output is collected from the rotor through brushes of proper grade housed in struday brush, holders. an alliminium fabricated fan is fitted on the drive end of rotor to circulate cooling air.

Insulation of all windings is either in class "e" or class "b". The windings are vacuum impregnated and duly tropicalised.

A specially designed cut off system is provided in the alternator to protect the generator against over load beyond limits and or defects in the circuit and restart only when these causes are eradicated.
- Capable of taking up 10% extra load.
- 30% lesser running noise.
- Coupled with specially designed JAIN SALES CORPORATION (INDIA) engines of international repute to maximum output.
- Produced with highly quality material to make them more sturdy, durable and realeiable in comparison to other generating sets.

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